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Society for the History of Natural History

Society for the History of Natural History SGM & AGM 2021 Agenda

Society for the History of Natural History SGM & AGM 2021 Agenda

Tuesday 29 June 2021, 3.00pm

To be held by video-conference (Zoom) at 3.00pm (15.00 hrs)

Please send apologies to

Peter Davis
SHNH President



  1. Welcome.
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. A Word from the President
  4. Special General meeting to consider the adoption of the Byelaws approved at the Special General Meeting of the Society on 23 March 2021, following their approval by the Charity Commission.
    1. Minutes of the SGM 23 March 2021 (available on the SHNH website)
    2. Vote to adopt the Byelaws
  5. Minutes of the AGM held 26 June 2020 by Zoom.
  6. Report of Council for 2020
    • Objects
      President’s Report
      Publications and Communication (Editor’s Report, Book Reviews Editor, Newsletter,
      Social Media)
      Meetings Report
      International Representatives Report
      Treasurer’s Annual Report
      Small Research Fund and Stearn Essay
  7. Trustees’ Annual Report and Treasurer’s financial statements for 2020
  8. Elections to the Portfolios of Council.
  9. Welcome to the Incoming President
  10. AOB
SHNH President’s Medal

Short break, to be followed by:

SHNH Founders’ Medal
  1.  Presentation of the Society’s Awards:
    • An Introduction to the Society’s Awards (Helen Cowie)
    • Founders’ Medal  (Citations to be read by Gina Douglas and Jack Ashby)
    • President’s Award (Citations to be read by Malgosia Novak-Kemp and Jo Hatton)
  2. Short talks/presentations by Founders’ Medal winners Robert McCracken (Bob) Peck and E. Geoffrey Hancock.
  3. Short talks/presentations by President’s Award winners Miranda Lowe, Subhadra Das and Felix Driver.
  4. Vote of Thanks and end of meeting.


SHNH SGM & AGM Documents

  1. Minutes of SHNH SGM held 23 March 2021
  2. SHNH Byelaws (2021)
  3. Minutes of SHNH AGM held 26 June 2020
  4. SHNH AGM Papers