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The Ramsbottom Lecture

The Ramsbottom Lecture

Dr John Ramsbottom OBE (1885-1974) was Keeper of Botany at the British Museum (Natural History), founder member of the Society for the Bibliography of Natural History in 1936 and President from 1942 to 1972. He was made an Honorary Member in 1972.

Dr Ramsbottom made a bequest to the SHNH in his will and it was decided to utilise this to establish The Ramsbottom Lecture, to be given at the Society’s International Meetings, the first being delivered in April 1976. The lectures have been discontinued since 2011.

No. Place Date Lecturer Title Published
17. London, UK 28 October 2011 Dr Neal Evenhuis Charles Davies Sherborn and The Indexer’s Club
16. Dublin, Ireland March 2006 Ms. Leslie Overstreet The Library of James Smithson, Gentleman-Scientist: A Preliminary Study
15. Florence, Italy 8-10 May 2003 H. Walter Lack Ex oriente Lux – the story of the Codex Vindobonensis
14. Leiden, The Netherlands 10 May 2001 Dr Pat Morris Lost, found and still looking – tracing some examples of early taxidermy
13. London, UK 14 April 1999 Professor Martin Kemp On growth and form: Persistent perceptions of natural geometry from the Renaissance to now
12. Charlottesville, USA 28 April 1997 Mr Peter J. Hatch If plants have sensibility: Thomas Jefferson, Hortobotany’, and the Great Exchange
11. Oxford, UK 12 April 1996 Professor John MacKenzie Empire and the natural historical apocalypse
10. Glasgow, Scotland, UK 30 April 1993 Dr John A. Gibson The origins of Scottish natural history: Scottish societies of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries
9. London, UK 29 April 1992 Professor Jacob Gruber Imagining Richard Owen
8. Brighton, UK 27 September 1990 Professor Dennis R. Dean Remembering Gideon Mantell
7. Washington, DC, USA 14 November 1985 Professor Joseph Ewan A study of personality of American naturalists of the Andes and Amazon Archives of natural history 16 (1)
6. Cambridge, UK 22 March 1985 Professor Martin J. S. Rudwick A year in the life of Adam Sedgwick, geologist Archives of natural history 15 (3)
5. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK 14 March 1984 Professor David M. Knight William Swainson: naturalist, author and illustrator
4. Norwich, UK 2 April 1982 Professor Eric L. Mills A view of Edward Forbes, naturalist Archives of natural history 11 (3)
3. London, UK 19 November 1980 Professor Gordon L. Herries-Davies The mapping of natural phenomena in nineteenth century Ireland
2. Cambridge, UK 14 April 1978 Dr Oliver Rackham The archives of woodland and their ecological interpretation
1. Oxford, UK 2 April 1976 Dr David E. Allen Naturalists in Britain: some tasks for the historian Journal of the Society for the Bibliography of Natural History (2)