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Society for the History of Natural History


General information about meetings

General information about meetings

The Society holds a regular series of meetings on all aspects of the history of natural history. These range from short evening meetings to international conferences taking place over several days with associated visits.

The Society holds an annual “Spring Meeting” incorporating the Annual General Meeting at which Officers of the Society are elected, accounts presented, and medals and awards are announced. Every alternate year this becomes an international conference usually in the form of a one- or two-day symposium on a selected theme. These are now helped and encouraged by “web”-based links and e-mails forming a truly international “support group” for anyone trying to gather information or advice.

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Our meetings are seen as an important contribution to forging links between all those working in the history of natural history, leading to lasting collaborations and friendships across national and international boundaries.

All meetings are targeted at the widest possible audience, registration costs (when necessary) being kept to the minimum necessary to meet outgoings. We recognise that many of our most active members are postgraduate students, university and museum staff or retired persons, most of whom have relatively low incomes and are unlikely to have these charges paid by their institutions.

When we do charge we try to offer good value by providing an interesting programme, with time for discussion from the floor, some social activities such as receptions, a conference dinner and visits “behind the scenes” to libraries, private collections and other special collections of rare books and specimens. We generally make higher charges to non-members and special rates may be available for those who can only attend part of a meeting.

The organisers of any conference or symposium, that might wish to include a session on historical aspects of natural history, are invited to contact the the Meetings Secretary should they feel that a joint meeting would be of interest or benefit to both.

For further information on all Conferences and Meetings contact:
Dr Elle Larsson

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