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Society for the History of Natural History

About SHNH

How the society is governed

SHNH Statement of Purpose

The Society for the History of Natural History, founded in 1936, is an international society whose members are interested in the historical and bibliographical study of all branches of natural history, for all periods and cultures. This includes: botany, general biology, geology, palaeontology and zoology; the lives of past naturalists, their publications, correspondence and collections; the institutions and societies to which they belonged; and bibliographic studies of rare books, manuscripts and illustrative materials. Membership is open to anyone interested in the objectives of the Society.

The principal benefit of membership is receipt of the international journal Archives of natural history (published for the Society by Edinburgh University Press). A Newsletter is issued twice a year. The Society also organizes meetings and conferences, international meetings, and visits to places of interest to Society members. International activities are promoted by Society Representatives.

President, Officers and Council

The Society is governed by a Council of 14 Members, including five Honorary Officers: President, Treasurer, Secretary, Editor and Meetings Secretary.

The current President is Professor Peter Davis.

The governance of The Society for the History of Natural History is set out in the Society’s Rules.

SHNH Past Presidents