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Society for the History of Natural History

Society for the History of Natural History SGM 2021 Agenda

Society for the History of Natural History SGM 2021 Agenda

Society for the History of Natural History Special General Meeting 2021 on Zoom

Tuesday 23 March 2021, 3.30pm (GMT)

Eugenia imperatrix (Empress Hummingbird, John Gould and H.C. Richter, 1804/1881. Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington.

Agenda and Documents


    1. Welcome
    2. An introduction to the meeting and procedures
    3. Revision of the Society’s Governing Document (Byelaws)
    4. Presentation of an analysis of the Membership Survey
    5. Thanks and conclusions.



To join the digital Special General Meeting please note:

Members were sent an invitation by the President to join the meeting on 8 March 2021 with a link to the Eventbrite site for registration. The meeting will take place using Zoom, an online conference app that allows video communication. To join us, please register using the same email address your SHNH membership is linked to. All those who register will be sent an email with the link and password to join the SGM securely via Zoom. The revised Byelaws, an explanation of the changes being recommended, and two draft Schedules are available on the Society’s website.

If you are using Zoom for the first time, it’s relatively simple. When you click on the invitation link, you will be prompted to download an app and follow some short instructions. (Read more at You can use Zoom from your mobile phone, but for a better experience – and to see more people in the meeting – we recommend using your laptop or desktop computer. You can test the link we send you beforehand; if you have any difficulty, or have any further queries about the Special General Meeting please email

If you would like to attend the SGM, please register before 11pm, Monday 16 March (UK time). We look forward to seeing you there.