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Society for the History of Natural History

Hist-Nat-Hist Discussion

Hist-Nat-Hist Discussion

hist-nat-hist is the Society for the History of Natural History’s discussion list, hosted by Jiscmail.

hist-nat-hist is designed to promote enquiries and discussion relating to any aspect of the history of natural history. As well as requests for information or answers to other people’s enquiries, the list welcomes notices and reviews of conferences, meetings, publications and exhibitions.

There is more information about the list and an archive of postings on the list homepage at:

Existing members can log in here.

How does it work?

To send and receive messages you must be a member of the list. You can join via the list homepage, or by sending an email message to:

Leave the subject line blank, and put the following text in the first line of the message:
•  SUBSCRIBE hist-nat-hist Your Name

When you join the list you will receive an email confirming your membership, and a detailed list of advice about using the list.

• To send a message to the list (once you’ve subscribed), simply email

hist-nat-hist is a moderated list: this means that all messages sent to the list are checked before being distributed to list members. This prevents the list being used for sending junk mail (“spam”) but does mean that there may be a delay between you sending your message and it being distributed to members.

If you want to contact the list moderators directly, please send your mail to