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Society for the History of Natural History

Awards, Honours and Medals

Honorary membership

Honorary Membership of SHNH Society for the History of Natural History

Honorary Membership is awarded to members of SHNH – The Society for the History of Natural History who have contributed significant services to the Society.

Dr E Charles Nelson
SHNH Honorary Member 2020

Rules governing Honorary Members

  • Persons who have performed signal services to the Society may be elected as Honorary Members and shall not be required to pay an annual subscription.
  • Election of Honorary Members shall be at a General Meeting of the Society, on the nomination of the Council. The names of all such persons nominated for election as Honorary Members shall be published on the notice calling the Meeting.
  • The number of Honorary Members shall not at any time exceed ten.

Honorary Members


Gina Douglas
Honorary Member 2016
  • Dr. David E. Allen (1989)
  • Dr. H.W. Ball (2003)
  • Mr. Rex E. R. Banks (2000)
  • Ms Gina Douglas (2016)
  • Mr. John Edwards (2004)
  • Mr. Tony Harvey (2004)
  • Professor Arthur Lucas (2010)
  • Dr E. Charles Nelson (2020)
  • Mr. Hidehiko Nishimura (2004)

Past Honorary Members

Professor Arthur M Lucas Honorary Member 2010
  • Dr. Juliet Clutton-Brock
  • Mr. Ray G. C. Desmond
  • Dr. Graham F. Elliott
  • Professor Joseph Ewan
  • Mrs Joan M. Eyles
  • Dr. Victor A. Eyles
  • Mr. Richard B. Freeman
  • Dr. John A. Gibson
  • Mr. Francis J. Griffin
  • Professor John L. Heller
  • Dr. Lipke B. Holthuis
  • Miss Blanche Henrey
  • Mr. Charles Kirke Swann
  • Mr. Howard Kirke Swann
  • Dr. Averil M. Lysaght
  • Dr. Claus Nissen
  • Dr. John Ramsbottom
  • Mr. Maldwyn J. Rowlands
  • Mr. Frederick C. Sawyer
  • Professor Franz A. Stafleu
  • Professor William T. Stearn
  • Mr. John C. Thackray
  • Mr. Alwyne Wheeler
  • Professor George W. White