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Society for the History of Natural History

SHNH President’s Award 2021

SHNH President’s Award 2021

A new open award to recognise initiatives that promote greater inclusivity and diversity in the study and research of the history of natural history

The President’s Award

Professor Peter Davis
SHNH President


The President’s Award recognises an individual or team’s contribution and impact in promoting and improving accessibility, inclusivity and diversity to the study of the history of natural history. Such initiatives would include:

    • Exhibitions (both physical and digital)
    • Collections research that, for example, addresses diversity or colonialism
    • Projects that demonstrate leadership and the development of new inclusive policies
    • Events or meetings that break new ground
    • The creation of online resources
    • Blogs that inform and challenge us

SHNH members and non-members can be nominated for this prize, which is open to nominees based in the UK and internationally; individuals and teams can be nominated. There are no age restrictions associated with this prize.

Winners are chosen by a panel chaired by the President of the Society. The Winner will receive the President’s Medal, together with £100, to be presented at the Society’s Annual General Meeting in June 2021.

Nominations are now open and must be sent to the Secretary ( by Monday 15th March 2021.

SHNH President’s Medal

Nominations must include the following:

    • Your name as a nominator and your contact details.
    • The nominee’s name and contact details.
    • A supporting statement (up to 600 words) describing why the nominee should receive the award. Testimonials may be useful supporting evidence but are not required (these can be emailed to the Secretary).

Nominees should demonstrate one or more of the following criteria:

    • An exhibition that has broken new ground of attracted new audiences. This includes digital exhibitions.

      Dactylioceras, an ammonite used for the design of the President’s Award.
    • Implementing initiatives to promote a more inclusive and diverse research and study community.
    • Championing diversity through leadership and new policies and/or through research.
    • Extent of engagement with the intended audience.
    • Originality and innovation.
    • Impact (may be relevant to any audiences, including different age groups, career stages and sectors).