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Archives of Natural History Vol. 38.2 now published online

Archives of Natural History Vol. 38.2 now published online

The new issue of Archives of natural history (Volume 38 part 2) is now published online. Please see contents and abstracts available on the website.  For convenience, the contents are also listed below. The print edition will be posted early October.

The complete set of Archives Volumes 1 – 38 are available to all SHNH members online. SHNH Members please note that you will need to activate the 2011 token for continued access even if you have activated a previous token. We have created a new webpage "How to Register for Archives of natural history online" to help guide you through the process.

The Society for the History of Natural History is a friendly international society for everyone who is interested in natural history in the broadest sense.  This includes botany, zoology and geology as well as natural history collections, exploration, art and bibliography. Everyone with an interest in these subjects – professional or amateur – is welcome to join.

The Society’s main publication is Archives of natural history, produced twice a year, and distributed free to all members. It contains refereed, illustrated papers and book reviews and is published for the Society by Edinburgh University Press.  For more information see the SHNH pages on the EUP website.  Individuals who are not members of the Society are invited to join SHNH or may access the back issues on payment of an access fee.

Free Sample Issue Volume 36 No. 1 April 2009.

Contents Archives of natural history Volume 38.2 September 2011

Patron’s review. SACHIKO KUSUKAWA: The role of images in the development of Renaissance natural history.

K. FREDGA, T. STJERNBERG & I. SVANBERG: An early (1834) illustration of the wood lemming, Myopus schisticolor (Lilljeborg, 1844), from Finland.

S. G. SEALY & M. F. GUIGUENO: Cuckoo chicks evicting their nest mates: coincidental observations by Edward Jenner in England and Antoine Joseph Lottinger in France.

P. G. MOORE: Eric Fitch Daglish (1892–1966): naturalist, illustrator, author and editor.

R. B. WILLIAMS & P. G. MOORE: An annotated catalogue of the marine biological paintings of Thomas Alan Stephenson (1898–1961).

H. J. NOLTIE: A botanical group in Lahore, 1864.

D. G. MEDWAY:  The contribution of Thomas Pennant (1726–1798), Welsh naturalist, to the Australian ornithology of Cook’s first voyage (1768–1771).

P. G. MOORE: The background to the proposition that plankton be used as food in the United Kingdom during the Second World War.

H. O. CLARK, Jr: The history of arid-land fox discoveries in North America.

T. KINUKAWA: Natural history as entrepreneurship: Maria Sibylla Merian’s correspondence with J. G. Volkamer II and James Petiver.

R. J. BERRY: John Ray, physico-theology and afterwards.

Short notes

C. H. SMITH: Alfred Russel Wallace notes 3: two early publications.

C. H. SMITH: Alfred Russel Wallace notes 4: contributions to The garden, 1875–1912.

G. C. CADÉE: Sea heart and nickar nuts in a Flemish painting of 1617.

E. C. NELSON & J. B. RISTAINO: The Potato Late Blight pathogen in Ireland, 1846: reconnecting Irish specimens with the Moore–Berkeley correspondence.